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Boston Environmental offers its New England clients the most economical and technically sound methods for resolving their environmental problems - investigation, site inspections, planning, project management, mold testing, mold removal, mildew testing, mildew removal, air quality testing and control, remediation, soil and groundwater surveys,  water waste consulting, compliance, and discharge, as well as environmental sound design and implementation. No project is too small or too big for us.

Our expertise includes site assessments and resolutions of indoor air quality, mold and mildew removal and inspection, soil and groundwater, storage tank removal, and waste water discharge remediation.  Boston Environmental applies our extensive knowledge of ecology, geology, hydrology, HVAC technology, mechanical engineering,  plumbing and piping technicians, and professional engineers, with unparalleled knowledge of applicable state and federal compliance, regulations and other statutes, to create a multidisciplinary approach to provide our clients with analysis  and remediation solutions to meet their environmental needs.

From design and consulting, structural investigations, site surveying, feasibility studies and construction phase development Boston Environmental can provide your organization with fast response, dependable service, and money-saving solutions.

Our Consultants work with residential, commercial, and industrial buildings to develop strategic plans that support client goals, reduce risk, and control costs:

Environmental Consulting
Environmental Contracting
Environmental Engineering
Geophysical Services
Litigation Support
Permitting and Regulatory Compliance Services
Phase 1, 2 and 3 Environmental Site Assessments
Remediation Feasibility Studies and Evaluations
Site Specific Risk Assessment and Risk Management
Turnkey Site Remediation and Reclamation
UST Removals and Remediation

We can send a  consultant to conduct a site assessment for your residential, commercial, or industrial building, and provide a plan to remedy the situation.


Indoor Air Quality

Mold and Mildew 

Surface Water

Waste Water Discharge

Restaurant Surveys